Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Imola: The naked Lambrettas

Time for some real scooter-spotting! From the fair at Imola the weekend 9-11 of September. In the region of 2 000 vendors and 40 000 spectators participated at the fair organized by Crame, Club Romagnolo Auto e Moto d'Epoca.
My first visit and I'm just overwhelmed. Scooters, parts and accessories everywhere!
Here we start with Lambrettas, the naked models; A, B, C and D.
Next post will be Vespas, after that other makers, "dressed" Lambrettas, three-wheelers and the last post will be miscellanous.
Here we go:

Lambretta 125m (or A), belonging to Lambretta legend Tino Sacchi.

A 150 D besides two 125 C.

Two totally restored 125 B, and a SX 200 (no nudity!)

A rough 125 B, "conservata". 1948-1950, 35 014 built.

Lambretta 125 C, 1950-1951. 87 500 built. The right price?

This is the 125E, economica. April 1953 to February 1954, 42 352 built.

A unrestored Lambretta B, and wrong sign... 
Another Lambretta B, I don't care for the cap on the headlamp.

Ancora una Lambretta 125 B!

125 F with accessories.

Lid for toolbox and buona fortuna!

Cool extension to the legshield.

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